Thursday, 28 August 2014


What is Culture? by Vinolia

What is Culture?
Cultures are what make countries unique. Each country has different cultural activities and cultural rituals. Culture is seen in peoples  writing, religion, music, clothes, cooking and what they do.

Culture also includes the way people understand the world and their own lives. Different countries have different culture’s. For example, some older japanese people wear kimonos,  arranging flower in vases and have tea siromoni.

My family is from Tonga. In my culture we eat pig and that is my favorite culture food. Sometimes when we have special things like a wedding we wear a special tapa mat, that is about your body size and then we put oil on our skin to make it shine. Once we are done getting ready the girls go to the dancing area. Then, once the music plays then we dance. And that is one of the dance for the girls it is called the tau'olunga.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Bowl Of Rice

A Bowl Of Rice 1.1.09
rice bowl

1. Find Vietnam on a map. Colour and label it. Take a photo to put on this doc to show where it is.
Screenshot 2014-08-20 at 09.35.35.png
2. What tells you it is time to harvest the rice? What tells me when it is time to harvest the rice is that when the rice is green is not ready but when it is yellow then it is time to harvest the rice.

3. What is a ‘threshing machine’? (what does it do?) The threshing machine separates the rice grains from the stalks.

4. What goes into a threshing machine?What goes into the threshing machine is a bundles of rice are fed into one of the noisy machine.

What 2 things come out separately? Rice grains and stalks.

5. What do the family use each of these things for: Duys dad sweep them up and pours them into a milling machine.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a family of 53 countries spread over every continent and ocean in the world. Although, the people of the Commonwealth are different in many ways. They work together by sharing, ideas and experiences skills, and knowledge this year it will be held in Glasgow Scotland.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Alphabet key

Give it a try

Give it a try - 2.2.00

1. Why do you think people want to be a part of a triathlon? Because they want to give it a try.

2. Why do you think the author chose this title? Because it is like the kids who wanted to give it a try.

3. How do you think ‘tryathlon’ got it’s name when it is usually spelt ‘triathlon’?If you know that there are some adults that go to a triathlon then the kids like us go to a tryathlon.

4. What three sports are involved in a triathlon?swim,bike and run

5. How many kilometres will the girls travel combined? 10 kilometres and 200 metres for swimming.

6. Think about how the event is organised… How does each member know  when to begin their
part of the race? the people call their houses to let them know.

7. How do you think the girls are feeling at the end of the events? tired and also happy.

8. What is the difference between a ‘tryathlon’ and a ‘triathlon’? Tryathlon is for kids and triathlon is for adults.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

World war 1

100 years ago, August 4th 1914, Britain declared war with Germany. The world war started in 1914 28th of June. A man called Franz Ferdinand had been shot by a man, but we don’t know his name. The world war 1 was an epic fight. All over the world people had to lose their lives for their countries and families.

Mr Burt and Mrs Flavell’s grandad’s  fought in WW1. The Victoria Cross was awarded to all of the soldiers who fought in the war.  The soldiers fought in Gallipoli, in Turkey. The New Zealand and Australian troops were called the ANZACS, that is why we wear the poppy.  

Screenshot 2014-08-04 at 10.41.47.png

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Commonwealth games

The Commonwealth games
Paragraph 1
The Commonwealth games, often called the friendly games, has a unique in sporting history. It is an International  multi-sport event like the olympics except athletes are from commonwealth countries. This Includes countries like England, New Zealand and the Pacific island.

Paragraph 2
The first games where held in 1930 in Hamilton,Canada. Eleven countries sent four hundred athletes to take part in six sports and fifty nine events. Since then the games has been held four years. However in 1942 and 1946 the games where canceled because of the second world war.

Paragraph 3
The event has had many changes, even its name. From 1930 to 1950 the games were known as the British empire games.
Later, from 1970 until 1974 they took the title of the british commonwealth games. Finally at the 1978, games in edmonton Canada this multi sport event changed its name to the commonwealth games.