Friday, 24 October 2014

Sun Smart

Sun Smart
When it is so sunny outside and you decide to go outside for a walk or a swim please listen to what sunsmart  is about. Sunsmart mean’s, when you are outside when it’s sunny you have to wear sunscreen or stay in the shade.
If you do not stay in the shade or wear sunscreen you can get sun burnt or skin cancer.

Sun Screen
When it is time for summer, you always need sun screen. if you are hot and you are inside you house and you want to go for a swim. First put on sunscreen.

It can be hot outside or inside but it dispense
how sunny it is.
If you want to  protect  your self you have to stay in the shade or wear a hat but if you do n ‘have a hat and you can use sunscreen.
If you do not be sunsmart   you can get sun burnt.

Between 10 am and 4pm you must  be sun smart because that is the time when it is really hot. when you are outside between that time you have to wear or do those three things. Those three things are wear a hat or put on sunscreen and stay in the shad.

Next time I hope that  you know more about what sunsmart is. And if know more about it just tell me more.

Sun Hats

Thursday, 23 October 2014


I had 26 lolipops from my cousin’s birthday
then my sister gave me more lollipops. She gave me 47 more

how much do I have now