Friday, 23 October 2015


Walt: summarise information into presentations

Description of learning:
I have learnt so many things about the desert and the 
animals that live there. Did you know that camels  can 
only live up to two weeks before they dye without water.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Our Virtual Trip To The Zoo

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
Mr Goodwin told us all about going to visit the zoo. Well not to a zoo zoo I mean to a virtual zoo.
3. Body Paragraph 2
How amazed I was to see a gorilla video when I clicked the site.
4. Body Paragraph 3
I explored  the site and I was so amazed by all of the cute and fuzzy animals.
5. Conclusion
What I think about the San Diego Zoo
Room 6 literacy class is going on a virtual trip to the San Diego zoo. Yes that is right we are going on a virtual trip. If you would like to know more interesting facts about the animals, Just visit there site and tell me what you think about them.

My Recount Rubric
Recount Writing

Write for my reader
I've tried to think about my reader
My writing shows some awareness of reader because my writing is quite clear and I have tried to interest my reader.
My writing is easy to understand and I have tried to tell the reader what it was like to be there by giving details and my thoughts.
My writing really considers audience as reader because I have kept their interest and made them feel like they know exactly what it was like for me.
I tried to meet the purpose
My text goes some way towards meeting the purpose
The message is clear in some parts of the recount.
My text fully meets the purpose.
The message is clear all through the recount.
My introduction does not yet clearly orientate or hook in my reader.
My introduction gets some buy in from audience and they can understand what I am going to write about.
My introduction hooks in my reader and it is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction wows my reader!
Paragraph Topics
My paragraphs are confused and don't follow my plan.
I have tried to follow my plan.
Most my paragraphs are about 1 big idea and I have added some detail.
My paragraphs have some complex as well as simple sentences. Post paragraphs give details about 1 big idea.
I have followed the paragraph topic in my plan.
My paragraphs have complex and simple sentences. Paragraphs all give details about 1 big idea.

Description of learning:
I have been amazed by all the kind of interesting animals and my favourite was the gorillas. I have learnt so many facts from the virtual zoo. If you have any questions just comment below.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: simplify fractions
Week 1

Description of learning:
I did not find this task complex because it is fractions and 
I love fractions. And my dad also thought me a very easy 
fraction strategy. I would love to do this sometime again 
later on in the term because it is very fun.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Room 6 Fear Factor

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount

1. Introduction
Hook them in and tell them about the fear factor challenge that we are doing
2. Body Paragraph 1
Mr Goodwin told us about fear factor and that we were going to do it
3. Body Paragraph 2
How the contestants got picked for the challenge
4. Body Paragraph 3
When they began to eat the the river water and the frog eggs
5. Conclusion
What I thought and felt about the fear factor challenge

Straight after the earthquake drill we went straight ahead to writing, and we were writing about our very own fear factor that we were going to do. A fear factor challenge is when you do all kinds of crazy things, but ours was not very crazy. Mr Goodwin has said that the food is river water and frog eggs, but at that very moment I knew it was a fake.

Our room six literacy had a fear factor challenge. Yes that's right we had our very own fear factor challenge, Mr Goodwin has told us that the contestants that he picks will be eating and drinking water from the river and frog eggs. But as soon as I heard that sentence from his mouth I knew straight away that he was lying.