Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Camp Bentzon

Walt: summarise a week long experience into a recount

Camp Bentzon

Last week Tuesday from the 17th of November to the 20th, the year six’s traveled to Kawau Island Camp Bentzon. Where we traveled, there were one couple the owned the camp, and there names are Peter and Erin. There were four main groups Bentzon, Mansion, Kawau, and Kats, I am in Bentzon. 
In each team there are a team A and B.  

One of my favorite activities on camp was Sailing. I found out something very interesting about myself, if I do good in something I will love the activity, and that's what happened with sailing. Have you done sailing before? I can’t believe  that Christopher bet the Camp Bentzon record of falling out of the sailing boat.

Have you ever been hiking before? Hiking on the first day 
killed my thighs and legs, I think that’s why it’s called killer
hill, because it kills your legs. So just to be clear that was 
the worst activity I have done at camp. The reason why 
it’s so hard for me is because, it’s hard to carry my weight 
up the mountain.
I loved kayaking because I just like being around the water. One of the things I really didn't want to do was to flip over in my boat, because if I flipped over I might see a stingray.
And they are not my thing, are they your thing?

Have you ever played bush baseball before in your life? I have had an amazing experience with bush baseball at camp. So basically your playing baseball around bushes. I was the pitcher 
of Bentzon A.

I recommend people who love camping to go to Kawau Island 
and camp there. If you love seeing wekas you should also go to Kawau Island because there are so many there, you can literally step on one of them at night. I really loved going to Kawau Island and camping there sometime again.