Friday, 4 March 2016

The Possessed Girl!

Walt: Write a narrative story
The Possessed Girl!
There lived a young family in the woods. During the day, the young teenager creeps through the lounge so that nobody catches her. What she was trying to do was trying to kill herself like always. The young teenager is a possessed girl, she is fourteen years of age. Her family always try to stop her from trying to do the thing. The girl keeps on creeping till she reaches the point when that sound makes on the loss floor. Then the mother knows straight away that it is her.

Jill rushes off to the hallway while Jelina sprints of to the door with 9 locks and unlocks them with the keys. Unfortunately Jill gets there just in time before Jelina steps out of the house. Later that day Jill and Jeff have a talk about how to stop her from losing her life. “Why don’t we just have a lock down button for the house or security cameras” Jeff suggests. “No way don’t you think that is over protecting” Jill answers. “Poor Jimmy he has no company” Jill spoke to Jeff. The Jeff says “ Ahh yes he does have company, his ipad you silly ”   “No you are silly, I mean someone!”

The next morning the family woke up and had breakfast. There is someone missing from the table, can you guess who is missing yep it’s Jelina. Jeff ran as fast as flash to her room, luckily she was still drooling in bed. Jeff is lucky that she is still sleeping. Jeff went back down stairs and Jill asked “ Where is she” Jeff answers “she is sleeping like sleeping beauty, well let's just say the beauty bit is not so beauty” Jimmy giggles his way to Jelina’s room and finds her hanging on a rope with her face pale. “ Nooo!” Jimmy yells. Jeff and Jill take off from the dining table trough the stairs and to Jelinas room finding Jimmy on his knees bursting into tears. Before the week ended Jeff,Jill,Jimmy, and the rest of the family gather up to there house and leave to the grave in the cemetery. They all drop a flower each into the grave, then the men get the soil and cover the coffin.

So why do you think Jelina was possessed maybe she was born like that or something else. No no no here's why Jelina was possessed, it was because the previous own that lived in the house died in that house and then came along the family. From that point on when they moved there, the spirit got stuck into her and that is how Jelinas problem happend.
Based on a fake story