Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Thinkboard Master!

This is was my task for week 2 of term 2. I forgot to post 
this on my blog through the weeks. These are one of the first 
algebra learning task I have done. I learnt so much about this.
I will be hoping Miss Clark will give us more Thinkboard 
presentations doing with algebra!

Part Of Term 2 Maths Learning

Walt: Lean more of my algebra and to divide numbers with ending up with remainders! 

This is my task for week 1,3, and 4! I learnt so much about
algebra this term. I feel like I am do need a bit more practising
though. I will be honest that I am almost at the point where I 
feel like I am confident enough to share my algebra in front of 
my numeracy class! Taunese and I decided to work on this 
together so we can be able to share our thinking!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art!

Walt: Make wool & nail art!
These are two pictures that were taken, down below I will list a few steps of how to make this piece of art!

- Hammer the nails to the piece of wood
- When you nail it you will be able to make any kind of shape you want
- Then you get your wool and thread through your shape 
- And then you can tie your wool onto the nail you stop at!
- Then enjoy your art work!

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Broad Street Killer

WALT: research a time in history 
WALT: break up sentences into smaller parts to better understand what the author is telling us

This is my reading task for week two of term two. I learnt so 
many things about two disease which is the Cholera disease
and the Epidemic disease! I like learning in my literacy class 
with my literacy teacher! My favourite thing about doing this 
task was creating my own wanted poster!