Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thinkboard Master- BEDMAS!

Walt: Learn BEDMAS!

B- Brackets
E- Exponets
D- Division
M- Multiplication
A- Addition
S- Subtraction


Walt: Use our senses to write a poem!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lava Narrative Story!

Walt: Write Narratives with the use of similes!
A long long time ago, as if we were in the days of the dinosaurs lived two proud mounga above and below the pristine pacific ocean. These two mounga were deeply in love as if they were Rangitoto, the sky father and Papatuanuku the earth mother. However, Maungarei stood tall above the sea as if he was Sir Edmund Hillary and Rangitoto below the sea as if she was the earth's core!
It was not all happy joy joy because these two lovebirds were separated by gallons and gallons of pacific ocean and could not see each other as if they were blinded by love. Maungarei and Rangitoto communicated through song as if they they were big blue.
Every day her lava grew and grew because every time the song was heard she fell more and more in lava with Rangitoto. Maungarei was 95% in love with Rangitoto, as she got to the point being fully in love with Rangitoto, Maungarei Exploded with love as if it was like the explosion of coca cola and mint! As the explosion had settled down Maungarei had not realised that she had faced the wrong way! She looked around and around, then she started to sing to let Rangitoto know that she is now above the sea, but little that she know that Rangitoto was sinking to the core of the sea! When Rangitoto was fully sinking to the ground he heard the lovely voice of Maungarei singing his song!
He realised that the whole time he has been singing his song, that Maungarei has listened to him sing every single day! Rangitoto was getting filled with lava easily because he heard Maungarei singing in her lovely voice as if she was Queen Latifah! Rangitoto exploded with love, he was now at the same position as Maungarei! At this point Rangitoto dream has came true! At the end of the day they lived their life happy together in the beautiful pacific ocean, singing their song!


Weird (Reading Task)

Walt: Make Inferences 

This is my task for the week. I have completed this task 
with the help of Matua Lewin! He has been our reliever for 
the last two weeks! This task was our reading task for week