Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi!

Yesterday morning, around 9:30 am Pt England school were into a very big surprise! The seniors walked into the hall and my eyes discovered a poster that had a kiwi on it. I thought we were learning about kiwis... but we had visitors. They are two lovely couples that live and travel in a caravan. They also go to other schools in New Zealand! There names are Mr and Mrs Minstrels.We learnt about water safety, saving birds, we also learnt to sing there songs and actions. Our school juniors loved it, they danced, they sang, they did all sorts of things with a smile! 

Mr Minstrels taught us how to save birds. Birds love to eat fish right, well they also think plastic is fish! People litter a lot of things on the beach, including plastic. Mr Minstrels explained how birds eat plastic things, but they still think its fish! He said that birds will still eat the plastic even tho if it was a funny shape or any type of colour! Mr Minstrels used the help of his wife Mrs Minstrels to sing there very own made song and do the actions. I will put a link down below to show you there website, so you can explore there site and find out more!

Here is the LINK!

Find the songs on the home page! There will be a link to all there songs!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Muscle Fatigue!

This is my reading task that I was given to by my literacy 
teacher, Miss Berry! I was learning to make effective notes 
to summarise key ideas! I also learned about muscles! And
also muscle fatigue! 

Muscle Fatigue!

This is what I have recorded for my reading! As you
have heard I have been learning about Muscle 
Fatigue! I hope you have learned something from
this task!

Monday, 22 August 2016


Walt: Add decimals
Week 5, Term 3

This is my learning task for week 5, term 3. Myself and my
numeracy classmates are learning for more about decimals,
just in different ways! Like for example last week we did
subtraction, this week we are doing addition! I look forward
for more about decimals!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tamaki Visit About Silicone Valley

Two students from Tamaki College named Saia and Gabe received a fascinating opportunity to go to Silicone Valley in United States of America! They visited Facebook, Google, Yelp, Twitter, Xero, Apple, Ideo, Microsoft, Stanford University, Khan Academy, and the prison called Alcatraz. The two students also went with there teacher Andrew Patterson. They told us about there favourite    places where they visited, they also answered some question that we asked them. We asked them about 20 questions about there adventure.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Thinkboard Master

WALT: Use prior knowledge of fractions to solve the following word problems
Week 4, Term 3

This is my Thinkboard Master for week 4, term 3.
Miss Clark (maths teacher) has given this activity
to my maths class this week, we are learning 
about more decimals! I am looking forward for 
more decimals this week on! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Rio Olympics Athletes!

This is my task for my inquiry! This is week 3 Term 3, I was
given this by our team leader Mrs Tele'a. I am learning about
these two talented athletes, Valarie Adams, and Lydia Ko. I
wrote a few facts about them!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Polluted Water

Walt: identifying features of explanation writing!

This was my reading task that I received from my 
lovely literacy teacher Miss Berry! I learnt about 
polluted water! The first line is how water gets 
polluted! I wrote three different facts about how
water gets polluted. For the second row I wrote 
two facts about how polluted water can affect 
us humans! For the final row I also wrote to 
small sentences/facts about how we can clean 
this dirty mess! Hopefully you may learn a few 
facts from this task!

Beating The Wind!

WALT: sort information from a story into topics to help plan our writing

This is our reading task for week 3 of term 3! My literacy
group are learning to sort out information from a story
into topics to help us plan our writing!  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Toku Pepaha!

This is my activity for this week, for Te Reo Maori! Our very
own AWESOME Matua Lewin has given us this very fun 
activity! We worked on our Maunga, Awa, Moana, Marae
Papa, and my self!  

Monday, 8 August 2016

Thinkboard Master!

Walt: Parts Unknown 
Week 3, Term 3

This is my task for this week! Miss Clark has given us this 
fun activity to work on! Our focus this week is Parts 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

T.O.P.S Coming Up

WALT: identify a problem and a solution in a story

This is my task for this week. We are learning to identify
a problem and a solution to the story. I put parts of the 
story to match there meaning. Our story for this week 
is Coming Up. We did a T.O.P.S activity again, but just 
with a different story.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Thinkboard Master!

Walt: Multiply decimals, and know there place values
Week 2, Term 3

This is my activity for this week, I've been learning to multiply 
decimals with my numeracy teacher! It's very fun when she 
gives it to us in the Thinkboard way. I will be looking forward
to do many more things like this! 

Thinkboard Master

Walt: Learn more fractions
Week 1, Term 3

This was my task for last week was to multiply decimals.
We were given this activity from our numeracy teacher 
(Miss Clark) to work on for our Thinkboard for week 1 of
the term! It was a late post.

T.O.P.S The River

WALT: identify a problem and a solution in a story.

This is my task for last week, but it was done last 
week, i just did not have time to post it! but I got
sometime to post it! This task was about putting
sentences into the order of T.O.P.S! which stands
for Title, Orientation, Problem, and Solution. The 
story I matched it to was The River. I hope that
Miss Berry gives me more of these type of 
activities to work on!