Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi!

Yesterday morning, around 9:30 am Pt England school were into a very big surprise! The seniors walked into the hall and my eyes discovered a poster that had a kiwi on it. I thought we were learning about kiwis... but we had visitors. They are two lovely couples that live and travel in a caravan. They also go to other schools in New Zealand! There names are Mr and Mrs Minstrels.We learnt about water safety, saving birds, we also learnt to sing there songs and actions. Our school juniors loved it, they danced, they sang, they did all sorts of things with a smile! 

Mr Minstrels taught us how to save birds. Birds love to eat fish right, well they also think plastic is fish! People litter a lot of things on the beach, including plastic. Mr Minstrels explained how birds eat plastic things, but they still think its fish! He said that birds will still eat the plastic even tho if it was a funny shape or any type of colour! Mr Minstrels used the help of his wife Mrs Minstrels to sing there very own made song and do the actions. I will put a link down below to show you there website, so you can explore there site and find out more!

Here is the LINK!

Find the songs on the home page! There will be a link to all there songs!

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  1. Good one Vino! I like your writing how you explain to us your feelings when you saw the kiwi poster.