Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thinkboard Week2 Term4

I am doing two for this week.


This is my learning task for week 2. I have completed this
task in my maths class. I would usually complete my 
learning at home. I was happy to do bedmas and algebra.
I wish more for this kind of leaning.

Word Problem

  1. A theatre sells 467 tickets for a matinee performance. A school group then books a further 118 tickets. If the theatre holds 1060 people, how many places are left unsold? 475
2.    The school buys 820 new books, which are put onto new bookshelves. If there are 34 books on each shelf, how many shelves must Mr Baldwin put up? 25
3.    A car salesroom has a sales target of $150,000. They sell 12 cars for $9,800 each. How many more cars do they need to sell to meet their target? 32,400
4.    Jade’s mum buys a pack of 8 kiwi fruit for £1.92. Individual kiwi fruit cost 30p each. How much cheaper is each kiwi fruit by buying in a pack?  0.98


1.    What is the difference between the product of 19 and 3.6, and the sum of 2.87 and 3.5? 14.4 & 6.42
2.    Mr Daw gives each child in his class 18 stickers during January. If there are 29 children in Mr Daw’s class, and Mr Daw had a pack of 1000 stickers to start with, how many stickers has Mr Daw left at the end of January? 678

3.    Katie buys two magazines for $1.29 each and spends $8.95 on a CD. If she had $12.50 to start with, how much does she have left? 2.26

4.    Pencils cost 72 cents for a pack of 12. In one year, the school has to buy 1440 pencils. How much do they cost altogether?  20

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thinkboard l Week 2 Term 4

Walt: WALT: Use BEDMAS when solving algebraic equations
This is my Thinkboard for the second week of term 4. Myself
and my maths class is currently learning to use BEDMAS 
when we are solving algebraic equations. I am looking 
forward to leaning more and more about BEDMAS.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Word Problems Week 1 Term 4

Walt: Identify the equation within a word problem

This is my first task for term 4, it's also my first post for 
term 4. My maths group is currently learning to Identify the
equation within a word problem. I am learning more about 
that with my maths buddy's Taunese and Yvonne.