Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Mexico Information (Researching)

I picked Mexico because I find that their country is an interesting place. Some Mexican people live in America. I was researching about Mexico on the internet, and I have found out some results that there are 122.3 million people in Mexico in the year of 2013. I've also found out that they like to eat a lot of spicy food. Mexico is one common country that has a lot of violence that happens there. Also that they do a lot of drug dealing too. There are also some places in Mexico that are beautiful in the country.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Rm 5's Cyber smart movie review

Room 5’s Cybersmart Manaiakalani movie
Cybersmart is one thing you should do in Pt England. Room 5’s movie was all about cyber smart. The message behind the scene was to teach the students at any school to be a cyber smart kid. Their clip is appropriate for people who understand the meaning of the word cybersmart.

The quality of the lighting was alright because there were some angles from the film that had the bright sun, that was only outside though. The camera angles where used appropriate because Liz G used very smart angles. The camera they used was a video camera, it was Miss Va’afusuaga’s camera.

When the video played at the Manaiakalani film festival I thought that the movie I could hear was very good and the characters spoke very loudly. The characters did read their script very well. The music that started when the four boys where walking to the park suited the movie, the music was a remix.

The places where the film was set was first in room 23’s class bay, then the boys moved to the park, and from their they chased the girls to team 5. The costumes where just our school uniform, it was just Mrs Fosita (Uli) wore clothes from the green screen room, so yes the costumes were appropriate.

The story float because the message of the movie was to teach people to be cybersmart. The lengths of the clips in the movie was just right to fit into movie. I think that this movie is just right