Tuesday, 23 May 2017


This is my maths task for week 3 term 2. I am learing about 
statistics. My teacher has given me this to finish I hope you
learn something from this. Thank you!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Yes I Remember?

This task was created from numeracy teacher, she has
given us this task to complete. Her goal was to see if we 
still remember the things we learnt last term. Yes I still 
remember! the walt for today is use our knowledge of
place value, fractions, and decimals to solve word problems.
It is currently the first week of term 2.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Technological Process

Walt: Technological Process 

Today in my literacy class we had to find 5 buddies to pair up with, I went with Revival, Uasi, Jayde, Amelia, and Alexis. We were given a task from my literacy teacher, Mrs Judd! The task was to create a structure that can hold as many books it can, the hard part is, we only can use jellybeans and 200 toothpicks. First myself and my team brainstormed that we should make boxes with the two ingredients. Then we connected them together, it ended up being very long, it was about 8 x 3 long! After we have completed our project we tried to decorate the structure, but it looked really messy so we just left it. At the end we tested ours to see if we would beat the other team that lasted with 7 heavy books, our project unfortunately we only got on five books! So at least we came 2nd.