Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Auckland Girls Rugby Intermediate Tournament

Auckland Girls Rugby Intermediate Tournament  
Pt England girls came 2nd in the Auckland intermediate tournament. It was a tough final. Congratulations to Ferguson intermediate for coming first. It all started at the East Auckland tournament that we had with Sylvia Park. It was kind of like the State of Origin when we verse the same team in three games. We won all those three games. Then we trained with the girls every week until we reached the "BIG" tournament with all the other schools in Auckland. Our coaches Timmi & her daughter Jaylee worked very hard to make us be the best. 

It was the day we have been waiting for. 8.30 was the time we were to be at school by. I got there and girls were already changed, so I went to change into our rugby clothes (Long socks, rugby shorts, and the rugby jersey) and we put on our boots, my position was prop number 1, so obviously there was a 1 on the back of my shirt. Miss Va'afusuaga done the final call, and we were all here ready to go. It was then time for transport! The forwards went with Tyson in one of the vans, then the backs when with Mrs Va'afusuaga in the other van. The tournament was at College Rifles in Remuera.

We pulled up in the car park, we carried the tarpaulin, fruit, and our equipment to the field, luckily the grass was fake! So we couldn't get wet or dirty when we play. We put our bags down neatly and started passing the ball to each other. The 1st round begun, we got off the field so that Ferguson & Henderson intermediate can have there match. We watched there game for the whole game. Ferguson won that match. 

It was round 2, our first game was against Kelston intermediate. We won that first game, and we were so happy. After celebrating our win we relaxed for awhile until it was the next round. We did do a bit of training joining round 3. Round 4 was near by. We ate a small snack before our next game. Finlayson Park was our next opposition. That team was very good at defending! It a tough game, we still won that game. 

In the next round it was our break time, some of the girls went to the bathroom, while some stayed at the field to watch the other game, and Sabrina, Samoa, and Lani went to refill up the water bottles. During that break I was pretty sure that we were going to make it into the finals! 

So just before our next game our coaches and Miss Va'afusuaga gave us a little talk, they said if we win this next game, we are through to the finals! We huddled up to do our cheer that we do before every game. Royal Oak, the girls said that they were very hard last year. So the game began, they were a good team! It was hard for us to score a try. But at the end of the game, we won, unfortunately they had 2 injured players. At the end we tried our best to not be cocky because we felt sorry for them, but in the inside we were celebrating because we were in the finals! 

The next break was the last one. Some girls walked off and done some drills, while I went to my supporters (My sister & dad). Sabrina (my cousin) that is another prop came and we stood there while my sister was very annoying with her camera (phone)! Sabrina and I gathered with the rest of the girls to watch the game between Koru & Ferguson. We cheered for Koru because one of the girls (Patricia/Lisa) use to attend our school. Whoever wins that game is going to be in the finals with us. Ferguson won that game. They were a very good team. Some of us were quite nervous. 

Heather prayed for us before we got on that field. I went sub so that Sulieti can have a turn, she was on for a few minuets, until Timmi told me to go on, then she will come off, that was just the first round. We were losing in the first half. The way Timmi talked to us felt like she was preaching! It was the last half, we screamed out our cheer! Then we ran onto the field proud to represent Pt England. Sadly for us, they were a very good team and they won the finals. We walked off the field and some girls were crying, and the rest were just disappointing. Rosalina's dad was saying "Cheer up girls, you still are the 2nd best in Auckland right?" I tried so hard not to let the tears out! But anyways we done our cheer and lined up next to Ferguson for the prize giving.

At the end of the day, we though we had the best supporters ever! It felt like they were paparazzi with there phones, we stood there smiling, some girls quickly wiped there tears away! It was so so so quiet when we packed our tarpaulin that we sat on and our bags. Timmi gave out some treats for us to eat, while we take off our rugby boots and put on our other shoes. It was a tough day! As we got to school everyone was so curious of what place we came. We told them we came second. 

What I like about rugby is that it's the only time you can get violent! What I dislike about the game is that I always get called for high tackling or shouldering because i'm too tall! But I really love the game, it's my favourite sport. My highlight of the day was just spending time with the girls and having fun!