Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I love Sudoku! To me, it is like a warm up. It helps
me get ready for maths. Anyways... this is a view 
of what I did in my numeracy class ages ago last term 
with Whaia Kelly (reliever). I solved this out with my 
maths buddies. It was hard for some students in
my class, and easy for some. When I was younger 
I didn't like this game at all! Maybe it was because 
I did not know how to play it... Okay! It was. I 
have to admit I didn't know, but now I am into
it. Hope you like this post!


  1. Hi Lia wish I was there to be doing this with you, Keep it up and miss you guys.

  2. Ngawww, we miss you too Sayus!