Wednesday, 27 September 2017


This morning (27/09/17) the whole of Pt England school walked down to Riverside reserve to support Mr Burt and some of the year 7&8's to catch flounders. The reason being is that when we catch them we put them into the massive tank in the huge white container outside in the court. This morning the whole of Pt England school gathered together and we had a little meeting. It was 10 past 9 and team 5 started walking to the court outside next to the tuck shop. Mr Burt used his siren microphone so that he does not have to scream! He announced out what we were going to do step by step. The meeting took about 10 minuets. 

After the meeting the juniors started walking, then the 5&6's, and last was us seniors. As we walked, we walked very carefully on the pedestrian crossing, Miss Hare was guiding everyone to get over safely. We then crossed Tamatea Ave, Miss Wilson was on that street trying to keep us safe when we cross. We kept on walking till we turned right on Riverside road. As we were walking through that street we crossed the road in our class lines, at that point we were on Riki road. We got to our destination, we started singing a waiata. The 12 year 7&8's were catching flounders with Tyson & Mr Vogt. All together they cached about 20 flounders. Afterwards the whole school walked back in one piece! 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Tongan Language Week 2017 - Ke fakakoloa a Aotearoa aki ae nofo ae kainga!

Last week on Friday the 8th of September Pt England was in for a very special performance from us proud Tongans in Pt England School. The last following week from Monday, whoever wanted to come and perform was to meet in the Creative Space with Mrs Lagitupu & Miss Timmi. Ever since Monday we practised and practised until Friday. The girls were doing a Tau'olunga, which is an Graceful tridational dance for girls who have not gotten married. The boys also did a Kailao and the Haka. Here are some photos to enjoy!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

This is a warm up task that my numeracy teacher has given
me and my group. I have completed this in 10 minuets with
Venetia & Yvonne. I have used place values to complete this
presentation! It is currently week 8 term 3!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

I Wonder - Animation

This is my animation that I have completed this term! I am very happy that I have finally finished this! As you know, this terms theme is Guardians of the galaxy! My question is... I wonder why stars shine??? So I reasearched on the internet to find out why stars shine? Watch my animation to find out more. Hope you enjoy!